Here’s the story of the founders and our vision below. To see more practical things on how Sendforsign can help you, jump to this page.

Hi, this is Ilia, Kate and Pasha, the founders of Sendforsign. We initially embarked on this project as a side venture in Autumn 2023 while developing another tool. However, this side project became increasingly popular, with people using it to send and sign their documents. So, here we are, working on another API-first AI-powered contract tool.

The concept behind Sendforsign is straightforward. We believe that digital contracts are kinda broken.

Imagine needing to quickly sign an agreement with a photographer for your wedding next month. It often takes hours to find a contract provider, create an agreement, and figure out how to use it.

Or perhaps you require the integration of a contract workflow into your business processes. This often involves navigating demo requests, dealing with customer service managers, exploring personal pricing plans, and dedicating weeks and months to implementation.

How do we know this? We’ve previously worked on building Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems and integrating contract workflows into businesses.

So, we decided that our solution will be simple: we offer “zero-setup” interfaces for straightforward cases and an easy-to-use Contract API for more complex scenarios.

We hope you’ll find it valuable.