React SDK Overview

The SFS React SDK is a collection of pre-built React components that are integrated with the SFS API. These components are capable of displaying and interacting with data provided by the API. Platforms can use these UI Components to develop React-based web applications for their clients, leveraging the power of the SFS API.

Supported browsers

SFS UI Components support the five latest versions of major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera.

As of this release, the SFS React SDK is optimized for desktop, tablets and mobile use.


Before using Sendforsign React components, you must first install the React SDK and API SDK packages available on the NPM and Yarn directories. To install:

npm i sendforsign


Before using components from the React SDK, see the First document use case to set up your platform account and get the API key.

We also assume you have already mapped out your customers and their users as Clients and Client users in SFS, and that you have the ability to:

  • look up the SFS Client user key for the user who is logged in to your application;
  • look up the SFS Client key to which the user belongs.

When a Client user logs in to your application, look up the Client key and User key for that user. Once you have a User key and a Client key, you can initialize the SFS client and components.

import { ContractEditor } from 'sendforsign';

Run the application

npm run start