8 July

New features:

  • Signature certificates are now generated for PDF files upon signing.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where PDF generation through API calls sometimes failed.
  • Minor improvements.

20 June

New Components Version:

  • "sendforsign": "1.0.77"

New features:

  • Now you can assign specific placeholders to specific recipients, so they will need to fill in the placeholders upon signing documents.

Bug fixes:

  • In some cases, the removal of placeholders caused errors in text documents.


5 May

New features:

  • Q&A flow for filling in contracts upon creation.

Bug fixes:

  • In some cases, images uploaded to the editor were causing an error.
  • In some cases, the PDF download API request returned an empty response.

Q&A flow

18 April

Signature certificates were released.

Signature certificates

7 April

New API endpoints for webhook management were released.

Webhook API endpoints

1 March

React components pack was updated.

React components

1 February

New API endpoints were released.

API endpoints

15 January

Updated landing page was released.

Landing page